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Are you starting or considering starting your own business? Glass Law can guide you through that process from beginning to end. Learn about the legal aspects of different ownership structures, business types, financial obligations, and what options you have to protect your rights as an owner. We handle the details so that you can focus on your business’ needs. After consultation, we work with you to determine the best means for your success and protect your rights as a business owner.

What type of business should I start?

Choosing the right type of business entity is an extremely important first step in starting a business. The Attorneys at Glass Law Group will explain the differences between sole proprietorships, limited liability company’s (LLC), limited partnerships, and corporations. We will ensure that you have selected the right business entity to match the goals you have for your business while minimizing your liability exposure.

Why consider partnering with Glass Law?

In today’s environment of rampant litigation and frivolous lawsuits, it is extremely important for one to protect him/her self against any such claims and potential liabilities. It is important for doctors, dentists, business owners, property owners, and anyone with substantial wealth to protect themselves from these types of risks. A partnership with Glass Law Group can help you avoid costly mistakes, protect your personal rights and the future of your business.

What legal matters may arise in my business?

There are many legal factors and pitfalls of running a business. From employee handbooks, sexual harassment policies, contracts, partnership and operating agreements to taxes or the death of a partner. Glass Law can help in understanding the legal environment of running a business and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Already own a business and need legal consultation?

We are here to listen and provide guidance to help protect your company and your personal rights as an owner. Whether you own a small business or a corporation, our team at GLG can and will help you meet and exceed your goals, so you can have a successful business.