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Glass Law Firm Legal and Privacy Disclaimer

Legal and Privacy Disclaimer

This website is designed to provide general information about Glass Law Firm, its Attorneys, senior staff members, and about the firm’s legal practice areas.

The information provided is not intended to offer legal or other advice, and no legal nor other advice should be taken based on the information contained on these web pages, or any of its links. The outcome of any legal or other action will depend on the application of the relevant state and/or Federal laws to the particular facts and circumstances of the case or situation. The reader should consult with an Attorney and/or other professional licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction and qualified to provide the relevant advice before taking any legal or other action. No Guarantee of Results

No Guarantee of Results

Each case is determined on its own facts and circumstances. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Glass Law firm does not offer any guarantee of case results.

Attorney-Client Relationship

  1. Neither the viewing of nor the communication through this website constitutes the formation of an Attorney-Client relationship. Information provided on this website, in our articles/blogs, or links and documents made available through our website should not be construed as legal advice.
  2. Each person’s legal needs vary, and you should ask an Attorney to assess your specific needs. Please note that time limitations and notice requirements may impact any potential claim you may have.
  3. You should not assume that communication with you indicates that we have accepted your case. Before accepting you as a client, we review any potential conflicts that may nullify our ability to represent you. After you decide to retail Glass Law Firm and Glass Law Firm has affirmatively accepted your case, you will be provided with a Legal Representation Agreement (LRA) for your review and signature. This LRA will outline the terms upon which our services will be provided. This will include our fees and billing procedures.
  4. By submitting a contract or contacting us by other means (including, but not limited to: phone, email, text, or live chat) you understand and agree to the following:
    • A. Your case may or may not be evaluated by an Attorney
    • B. You may or may not be contacted by a representative of the Firm about this matter
    • C. The submission of your information in no way constitutes an Attorney-Client relationship

The hiring of an Attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon an advertisement or content on our website. Please read the Legal and Privacy Disclaimer above. Before you decide to retain us, you are welcome to speak with our Attorneys by calling Glass Law Firm at (919) 415-2353.

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